Outdated IT can hold your business back…

Outdated Tech Support yields outdated results:

  • Your team spends more time on fixes and projects and less time on actual productivity.
  • This leaves office and remote workers at a huge disadvantage from the beginning, and will not feel empowered to succeed.

….and all while your competitors are busy passing you up!

How We can Help

Solutions For Everyone

Managed IT for CEOs, Owners and Executives

It’s best to strive for an IT strategy that aligns with your business goals and direction, from the ground up. There are many solutions and apps out there. Do you have to hire a full time person to manage this? Probably Not. Our team has created, executed and supported IT strategies for companies big and small.

We accomplish this by:

  • Open Communication. How can you benefit from a partner that doesn’t understand your business? This is why we make sure we understand your existing process before suggesting any changes.
  • Testing your current IT performance. Once we understand where the business is headed, we make sure you meet demand with room for growth.
  • Delivering IT strategies that enable your company to be successful no matter how your business changes or grows.
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IT Services for Management/Controllers

As a Manager, you make schedules, organize events, handle complaints, manage the database, oversee work,… and that’s just the beginning. You are always on your toes. You can’t afford to spend the time trying to fill the shoes of an experienced IT Technician.

Imagine if you could:

  • Boost team productivity and satisfaction with an IT partner that delivers prompt and easy to use support.
  • Focus on your real job and not Tech when you have a reliable MSP provider.
  • Secure and manage your team – no matter where they work.
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Managed IT Services and your in-house IT Manager

Putting out fires and day to day support leave your team little time for new initiatives or strategy. Get the help you need to grow, rather than take on new hires to fill the gaps in your team. Together, we can ensure your IT is supporting the organization effectively.
Our solutions include:
  • Infrastructure and cloud engineering – Our team helps you build, deploy and support infrastructures that empower your company.
  • Layered network security –  Combining Strategies strategies, tools and engineering to build a ‘better than compliant’ security solution that will mitigate risks in your organization.
  • Access to Tools – Your team gets access to our large selection of tools to make day to day IT management easier.
  • Teamwork – We stand side by side with your team to support the organization and its goals.
  • Insight and best practices – Our team works with all kinds of companies. You get the benefit of that knowledge as you tackle the IT challenges at your organization.
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What our clients say

If you are in need or looking to change, give Freedom Information Management a call. You will not be disappointed.

Mike Hill / Top of Texas Logistics

Their ability to understand issues and problems and then develop solutions while maintaining relationships is exemplary.

Bill Finke / Business Owner

If you are in need or looking to change, give Freedom Information Management a call. You will not be disappointed..

Russell Brantzeg / Marketing Specialist / Branding

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